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This Avatrade review is an extensive analysis of the whole platform and all features from a traders perspective. The review is meant to be critical and comparative to serve the best interest of the customer. If you are looking for a more objective summary to get a fast overview we recommend Avatrade summary.

Thus, this Avatrade review aims to investigate the features AvaTrade has in store for its client base, to save you time and effort. We analyze and review the trade functions, instruments, security and payment processes in order to construct accurate conclusion. Pros and cons are also available, as to compare the AvaTrade’s attractiveness with competitors in the industry, such as IQ OptioneToro, and Markets.com. All these platforms are CFD platforms but we also have reviews from pure crypto trading platforms such as BitfinexBitstamp and BitMEX.

AvaTrade’s General Information

AvaTrade is a financial broker, offering a variety of financial instruments for its clients, with trading done in real time. The company started its operations in 2006 as Ava FX platform, owned by Emanuel Kronitz, Negev Nosatzki, and Clal Finance. The name AvaTrade became official in 2013, as different instruments were added in the portfolio of the platform.

Its seat is located in Dublin, Ireland while the holding company is located in the British Virgin Islands. Other business units, mostly sales centers, can be found in Japan, Italy, France, Australia, China, and Mongolia.

As for the acquisitions, AvaTrade made large investment projects in 2011, when the organization bought Japanese Forex broker Art Co. and Finotec Trading UK Limited. In 2014, another company’s assets were added to the AvaTrade’s equity, YouTradeFX from Australia.

AvaTrade won numerous prizes for customer support and security of funds excellence, totaling for five awards in the period between 2009 and 2016.

Account Registration

When registering an account at AvaTrade, all you need to provide at this stage is your name, last name, email, and password. Upon completion of the account, you do not verify your email but neither can you start trading immediately. You will be required to provide more personal details for that.

The registration process itself takes less than two minutes to be completed while the account is free of costs to make. It is up to you, which type of trading profile you wish to have, as you are given a choice between demo and real trading versions.

We suggest you start with the demo to practice a bit. In that case, you would get Meta Trader 4 credentials (username and password) and virtual $100.000 for testing the functions out.

Identity Verification Requirements

Once registered, you need to upgrade your profile from demo version to real account, which would lead towards verification process. As a first step, you need to provide personal details and address information.

This would allow you to roam freely around different AvaTrade platforms but you do have 10 days to complete the verification. You can start depositing once you have provided the scanned ID and proof of address, as shown below.

Nothing that different from other platforms, as IQ Option, eToro and Markets.com all require their clients to verify identities.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods and Fees

At AvaTrade, you have several options when it comes to depositing methods. If you wish to deposit money quickly, then you should choose one (or several of them depending) of the following channels:

  • credit or debit cards
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

All of the above funding options have a minimum $100 as a deposit value.

You also have wire bank transfer as an option, though be advised that said transaction could take up to five business days to be completed. Another issue is that bank transfers have a minimum $500 for deposits. The deposit page is presented in the snapshot below.

Once your account is fully verified, you will get an incentive from AvaTrade in terms of bonus funds that you have deposited. Say you deposit $100, you will get $35 additional funds as a bonus. A neat feature that increases the number of funds you chip in your AvaTrade balance.

Withdrawing money from the AvaTrade needs to be done by the same method you chose for deposits, due to the AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) policies.

Both withdrawals and deposits come without any fees, while trade itself also has no costs. AvaTrade mainly makes money through exchange rates and daily value fluctuations with different instruments.


AvaTrade has several platforms that you can use at any time. There is a desktop version, a Meta Trader 4 platform that you can download for free. You also have web platform and mobile apps, both iOS and Android available.

Apart from the environments, AvaTrade also offers trade platforms, which differ in terms of trade. The available options are:

  • AvaOptions (all platforms available)
  • AvaTradeAct (all platforms available)
  • DupliTrade (available in desktop and web)
  • Floating Spread (available in desktop and web)
  • Meta Trader 4 (all platforms available)
  • Mirror Trader (available in desktop and web)
  • AvaTradeGo (on mobile platforms)

Each of these platforms works with its own set of instruments. Cryptocurrencies are available in AvaTradeAct and Mirror Trader. Fiat currencies are available in all except in AvaOptions. Apart from the instruments, the interface of the platform also greatly varies, even though trading functions are similar.

You can open up all accounts at the same time but do arm yourself with patience as interface and registration might take time to complete. The reason for a slow response for the system might lie in the fact that many traders use the services. Still, when it comes to trading, fast response is crucial and the slow interface is definitely something that needs to be fixed soon.

Mirror Trader – What is it?

Mirror Trader is a platform where you can copy trade made by experienced and successful traders that operate in AvaTrade. The function is quite similar with those offered by eToro and InstaForex, as you have the ability to check the traders’ profiles, seek out their publicly listed trade tools and simply use them to create a trade order.

It provides a necessary lift and education for starters, as many of the traders that create such tools are experienced players in the industry. On the other hand, these tools were made at the moment when trade held certain specification and in a certain situation. Since Forex and financial markets are very dynamic, there is a good chance the copy-pasted order might not work in your favor.

Much like in eToro and InstaForex, you have to do your own research first and then choose which options would be the best at the moment. Without basic knowledge of the industry, you are gambling your funds with someone else’s tools.

This is especially true for cryptocurrency market, in which the value of coins might drastically change within a couple of minutes.

Available Instruments

AvaTrade has several DFCs to offers, them being Forex, stocks, metals, energies, ETFs, indices and, most importantly, cryptocurrencies. The accepted coins at AvaTrade are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Dash, and Litecoin. The number of currencies available is in line with other platforms, such as eToro (7 of them) and IQ Option (10 available).

You have a very limited number of platforms that you can use to trade cryptocurrencies in. The coins can be traded in few of the platforms but Meta Trader 4 is not one of them. The Forex pairs in that particular platform are possible only for fiat currencies, while cryptos cannot be used in transactions. AvaOptions & DupliTrade is also an environment, where you cannot use bitcoins as an investment instrument, as shown below.


BitcoinBot Pro

BitcoinBot Pro

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This review reveals that Bitcoin Bot Pro is a scam that you should not trade cryptocurrencies with.

BitcoinBot Pro supposedly is a trading platform for indirect crypto trading, via contracts for difference. The platform allegedly includes powerful strategies that make every trade profitable.

And the robot is free. Can you make money for free with it?

How it really works

The true purpose of BitcoinBot Pro is to make you deposit your own money with one of these crappy brokers like TradeInvest90.

If you do it, the robot will lose your deposit and scammers who run Bitcoin Bot Pro will get paid by the broker for referring a new victim.

Bіtсоіn Bot Pro is trading bоt thаt wіll trade іn thе CFD mаrkеt using crypto currencies for the highest returns. Bitcoin Bot Pro Software іѕ a full wеb-bаѕеd Bіnаrу Trаdіng Aрр аnd ореrаtеѕ аn аutоmаtеd wау. You саn start ѕееіng profits еvеn іf уоu do not hаvе аnу trаdіng experience. Thеrе is not any іnѕtаllаtіоn needed. All Bіtсоіn Bot Pro trаdеѕ аrе реrfоrmеd іnѕtаntlу wіthоut human disturbance, аnd Bitcoin Bot Pro ѕеtuр іt tаkеѕ lеѕѕ thаn Less Than A Minute.

Thе Trаdіng Rоbоt іѕ thе vеrу bеѕt Winning Sіgnаlѕ System tо Trаdе With It untіl now wіthоut any аdvаnсеd Bіnаrу Oрtіоnѕ Trаdіng ѕkіllѕ. Any Bіnаrу Options Trаdеr wіth wіthоut еxреrіеnсе саn bеgіn mаkіng Daily Profits wіth Bitcoin Trаdеr System in the nеxt 5 minutes! Now is Your tіmе tо Make Cаѕh! Bitcoin Bot Pro Aрр іѕ a Frее Bіnаrу Options Sіgnаlѕ software that wіll trаdе on thе bіnаrу options mаrkеtѕ wіth juѕt Onе сlісk. Bitcoin Bot Pro System is a соmрlеtе Auto-Trading crypto currencies Sуѕtеm

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that places wіnnіng trаdеѕ fоr уоu!

Bitcoin Bot Pro Bіnаrу Options Trading Sуѕtеm іѕ based uроn Bіtсоіn Bot Pro Proven Binary Oрtіоnѕ Trаdіng Strаtеgіеѕ whісh generates winning trаdеѕ аnd good stream of dаіlу Prоfіtѕ

Bіtсоіn Bot Pro Trаdеr is a CFD trading ѕуѕtеm thаt hеlрѕ you get іnvоlvеd іn CFD trаdіng quісk and еаѕу соmраrеd wіth conventional financial іnvеѕtmеnt ѕуѕtеmѕ.

Fеаturеѕ Of Thе Bitcoin Bot Pro Software

Averaging 93% Winning Trades which indicates mоrе роtеntіаl рrоfіtѕ.

Yоu саn trаdе оn the gо with уоur mobile phone (Bоth Andrоіd аnd iOS).

Wоrkѕ оn any Anу Dеvісе thаt has an internet connection including PC, Lарtор computer аnd Mас.

Multiple Sіgnаlѕ Evеrу Dау You wіll get wіnnіng signals dаіlу so уоu can mаkе fast cash.

Iѕ Bitcoin Bot Pro Software A Wіnnіng Autо Trаdеr?

YES. Bitcoin Bot Pro Trаdіng ѕоftwаrе is еѕtаblіѕhеd using hіgh-ѕрееd соmрutеrѕ that аutоmаtісаllу invests the mоnеу іn thе ѕtосk exchanges оf the wоrld. Trading ѕуѕtеm іѕ ѕо ѕіmрlе that уоu can ассеѕѕ the platform using аnу соmрutеr оr mоbіlе рhоnе, аѕ lоng аѕ уоu hаvе аn Intеrnеt соnnесtіоn. Thе Bіtсоіn Bot Pro Trading Sуѕtеm wіll provide уоu wіth wіnnіng ѕіgnаlѕ, оr уоu can let іt wоrk fоr уоu on tоtаl аutоріlоt, which mеаnѕ уоu do nоt need tо hаvе any knоwlеdgе оr trаdіng experience to uѕе іt.

Whаt іѕ Thе Bitcoin Bot Pro Trаdіng Software!

Bіtсоіn Bot Pro іѕ аn еxсеllеnt dеvеlорmеnt by a wеll еѕtаblіѕhеd and еxреrіеnсеd options trаdеr wіth a vіеwроіnt to make it роѕѕіblе fоr trаdеrѕ tо perform different trаdеѕ with ease.

Bіtсоіn Bot Pro іѕ a CFD trаdіng ѕоftwаrе thаt wаѕ designed tо hеlр уоu wіn and fоrесаѕt thе Bіnаrу орtіоnѕ trеndѕ therefore іt wіll allow уоu tо mаkе cash fаѕt. It wоrkѕ to gеt financial ѕuссеѕѕ, ѕhоwѕ уоu hоw уоu саn mаkе mоnеу оnlіnе, hеlрѕ you tо dіѕсоvеr different ways to gеt bіg returns оn уоur investment. The Bitcoin Bot Pro also оffеrѕ аnаlуѕеѕ оf Mаrkеt соndіtіоnѕ ѕо thаt trаdеrѕ wіll knоw whеn tо сhооѕе thе wіnnіng trаdеѕ. It оffеrѕ different secret mеthоdѕ thаt assist trаdеrѕ tо mаkе thоuѕаndѕ оf dоllаrѕ a wееk.

Bitcoin Bot Pro Rеvіеwѕ

I have dоnе research оn thе Bіtсоіn Bot Pro Trаdеr binary options trading System, аnd i hаvе checked all thе info bеfоrе I start any crypto currency trаdіng рrоgrаm, What I have seen іѕ thаt thе trading system іѕ amazing, Whеn I thоught оf gеttіng 95% оf profits іn аѕ quick аѕ 5 Minutes, I nееdеd tо try іt оut, especially when it іѕ frее rіght nоw.

While it is nеаrlу impossible fоr аnу bіnаrу орtіоnѕ system to dеlіvеr a 100% success rate, however, Bitcoin Bot Pro іѕ ѕhоwіng іtѕеlf to be thе mоѕt rеѕоurсеful оn besides all оthеr systems offered right nоw. The extensive backtesting which hаd been dоnе bеfоrе іt was rеlеаѕеd аnd hаѕ mаdе іt rіѕе to thе tор. This Trading Rоbоt іѕ hіghlу recommended software fоr you tо аttаіn аѕ muсh аѕ 91% ассurасу rаtе. Whеn уоur a member thе availability оf the dеdісаtеd ѕuрроrt grоuр also рlауѕ an іmроrtаnt раrt іn assisting уоu wіth any questions. All рluѕ points combined in one ѕеndѕ a роѕіtіvе message to everybody іn need оf a rewarding bіnаrу options trаdіng software.

Does Bitcoin Bot Pro work!

Mаnу реорlе wіll ѕау thаt bіnаrу trаdіng is a rіѕkу buѕіnеѕѕ аnd tend tо ѕtау аwау from іt. Hоwеvеr, frоm mу еxреrіеnсе, high vоlаtіlіtу mеаnѕ Enоrmоuѕ Rеturn on Your Investment. Thіѕ is whеrе Bіtсоіn Bot Pro соmеѕ іntо play, the mathematical аlgоrіthm that is uѕеd bу ѕоftwаrе takes thе guesswork out сhооѕіng a wіnnіng trаdе. You do not hаvе to bе a trаdіng professional. Lіkе I stated previously, I hаvе personally tеѕtеd the sуѕtеm and discovered the ѕuссеѕѕ rаtе is аbоut 92%. I do not knоw аbоut уоu, but a 95% орроrtunіtу of making a wіnnіng trаdе іѕ Exceptional!

The Benefits Of Bіtсоіn Bot Pro:

Eаѕу tо use еvеn if you have nеvеr trаdеd a dау іn уоur lіfе уоu саn bеgіn ѕееіng results іn thе nеxt 5 minutes.

Avеrаgіng 92% Wіnnіng Trades which ѕuggеѕtѕ more potential earnings fоr you.

Bіtсоіn Bot Pro Iѕ Trаnѕраrеnt.

Nо previous еxреrіеnсе wіth bіnаrу options trаdіng nееdеd.

Wеb-bаѕеd, no nееd fоr downloads, likewise wоrkѕ оn any gadget.

Lots оf Sіgnаlѕ Evеrу Dау You will receive lots of bіnаrу trading ѕіgnаlѕ dаіlу whісh is gооd fоr уоu to make quісk mоnеу.


BitcoinBot Pro is a scam based on a well-known losing software, stay away from it!If you want to make money in cryptocurrency trading, start practicing on a genuine free demo with a regulated broker.

Test and learn until you know what you are doing. Only then you can carefully switch to trading with real money.



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The STP Forex Broker FXPRIMUS is for many experienced forex traders one of the best forex brokers on the market and is considered to be a insiders’ tip. FXPRIMUS is neither a market maker nor a so called bucket shop. This broker is one of our best forex brokers reviewed. forexbroker-check.com trade one of their live accounts with FXPRIMUS. Experienced forex traders appreciate their reliability and the really low spread of only 0.3 pips or even less, depending on your account type (Classic or ECN). FXPRIMUS stands for fair trading conditions, transparency, safety of funds and first class support – both for institutional traders and private investors. Queries are being replied to within minutes – be it regarding your forex account, payment and withdrawal or the MetaTrader 4 platform. In contrast to other forex brokers FXPRIMUS do not trade against their customers but in accordance with them. With FXPRIMUS it is clear, that only a satisfied customer is a long and happy customer. This is why FXRPIMUS do their best to provide the best trading environment possible and offer fair trading conditions to their customers.


With FXPRIMUS you have the choice between two account types: Variable and ECN Premier, both of which with their own advantages and disadvanatages. For a professional forex daytrader we recommend the ecn premier account. Have a look at these spreads. In this account you have a tight spread of 0.1 – 0.5 pips and a commission of 9 USD/Lot. Within the variable account there is no commissions but a higher spread instead. Which account you should choose depends on your trading style. Scalpers will prefer the low interbank spread with commissions, swing and position trades won’t have any problem to buy a higher spread. Microlots are even in Indices available. Compared to other brokers the spread in the Dow is very high with 4 points so if you want to trade indices you should go for another broker, for Admiral Markets for example.

Spread Table ECN Account FXPRIMUS

Hasil gambar untuk FXPrimus review

If you open a new account you will have to provide a copy of your identity card and a proof of residence in order to prevent money laundery. Once provided with the necessary documents your account will be approved within only 24 hours. If you want to trade under Sharia Law just open a swap free Sharia compliant account. Afterwards you won’t have to pay swap fees (interest) on your open positions – on the other hand you won’t get credited rollover fees.


Your can fund your trading account in several ways:

  • wire transfer
  • credit card
  • skrill
  • ClickandBuy
  • cashU
  • There’s no fees on deposits and withdrawals whatsoever.

Forex Trading with FXPRIMUS

Gambar terkait

One thing becomes quickly clear as crystal: FXPRIMUS is part of the top FX brokers in the world. In order to start trading you just need to sign up with FXPRIMUS and download the Metatrader 4 Platform. With their headquarters in the financial metropolis of Cyprus and severe CySec regulation, FXPRIMUS is part of the very important european financial market. This STP-broker counts on advanced hard- and software technology in order to provide their customers the best trading environment possible. This is the reason why orders can be executed so fast and without slippage. Soft- and Hardware are tested to failure in order to provide their customers with a high end performance and durability. The platform was developed by Hedgefond managers where it matters that trades are being executed thousand times a day within milliseconds and without slippage. If you are a professional scalper you will like this platform. You won’t have any re-quotes on this metatrader platform.

Safety of funds

With FXPRIMUS your funds are under unprecendet fund safety. Due to an agreement with Lloyd’s your deposit is covered up to 2.5 Million dollar which is the highest standard in this industry.

FXPRIMUS Software: Metatrader (MT4)

FXPRIMUS use the MetaTrader4 (MT4) as their trading software. This is the most popular and most famous software amongst forex and CFD traders all over the world. The MT4 trading software offers the following advantages:

  • Trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs
  • Multiple Currency Trading
  • High performance, instant order execution
  • Elaborated backup system. In case of a loss of data the date can be recovered by means of a historical data base on a second MT4 server within seconds.
  • Security: Connection via 128 bit SSL encryption. This is to prevent your data from being spied out by a third party.
  • Multilingual: MT4 supports many languages.Flexible trading environment: MT4 provides many options to tailor your trading platform to your needs. From trade session to detailed features of the different financial instruments you have many settings available. FXPRIMUS offer a lot of tools in order to enhance your trading comfort with MT4 such as a Mini Terminal (risk manager included and real one click trading), trade terminal, smart lines (define trend lines as take profit/stop loss) and many more functions.

Just download this amazing trading software and start trading immediately. You can start with a free demo account.


If you want to trade from Mac Computer or a Linux machine – no problem at all. With FXPRIMUS you can trade via WebTrader and access your trading account from any place in the world, access to the internet provided. Just log on with your MT4 ID and your password. The Webtrader is fully synchronized with your Metatrader Account. You can open and close trades on either platform. Mobile trading solutions for your smartphone or any other mobile device are available.

Forex Webinars and weekly outlook

Learn forex trading from scratch and attend the useful forex webinars. In this video Mario explains how and when to trade the Aussi (AUDUSD). Don’t miss to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well where you will get a full set of video tutorials from a beginner to a profi trader. Profit from the weekly outlook of Mario Singh and improve your performance and trading results.

Free MT4 EA Hosting

Metatrader MT4 EA hosting on a data center hosted server – free of charge for all FXPRIMUS clients with a live account. If you like to run an expert advisor and want to make sure that it runs without interruption 24/5 you should go for a data center hosted server or VPS solution. You just have to open a live account and trade 5 lots or pay a fee of $30 per month and your trades can run through high end servers that deliver a rapid trade execution. This hosting service is also a good service to have if you use trailing stops in your trading style. MT4 trailing stops only work when your Metatrader application is running – so in the event you have a trailing stop and your MT4 shuts down, the trailing stop function is not active anymore. With a MT4 client running on a server, you will be able to use trailing stops effectively since the servers are running your MT4 24/7.

MT4 Tools

Most important part of the MT4 tools provided is the MT4 booster package. It consists of the following items that will make your trading easier and more comfortable:

  • Alarm Manager: Can send you an alarm via sound, SMS or Email if the market hits any price level defined.
  • FXPRIMUS Connect: Connect your MT4 to different news streams and have a detailed statistics on your trading activity.
  • Market Manager: Gives you an overview over your open trades.
  • Mini Terminal: Enhanced one-click-panel with predefined stop los and take profit, risk management in percentage etc.
  • Sentiment Trader: Gives you an idea what other FXPRIMUS traders think at the moment.
  • Trade Terminal: Enhanced mini terminal and trade terminal, autmated trade management and more.

Regulation and Safety of Funds

FXPRIMUS is regulated by the CySec in Cyprus. The customer funds are stored with the British Barclays Bank in segregated accounts. In case of an insolvency your funds are covered with up to 2.5 Million Euros. FXPRIMUS gets its liquidity from many liquidity different providers. The so called FXPRIMUS trust accounts are available for any account type and size. Funds are administered seperately from the company’s own fortune. FXPRIMUS is fully audited and undergoes annual audit.

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TradeFred Review

That’s exactly what tradefred.com says right above its footer, though there’s little mention of this – rather important- bit of “trivia” anywhere else on the site. Belonging to the BetFred Group certainly lends the operation quite a bit of extra credibility and prestige, especially when considering its regulatory status. Do not get us wrong: TradeFred are indeed regulated and licensed, it’s just that their regulatory authority used to be the VFSC (the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission). While we have nothing against the VFSC whatsoever, we have to note that it is not exactly a very prestigious organization when it comes to the licensing and regulation of financial activities of the sort offered by TradeFred.

Fortunately, the operator has made recent strides in this regard: a little while ago, it picked up its CySEC license, so it is now MiFID compliant, and as such, it can theoretically offer investment services throughout the countries of the EEA(European Economic Area).

With the above in mind, it is not surprising that TradeFred have a presence in Vanuatu, at SIP Building, PO Box 3010, Rue Pasteur, Port Vila, though their headquarters are located at 6th Floor Steam Packet House, Cross Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M2 4JG. The corporate entity behind the operation is MagicPath Capital Ltd, and it apparently conducts business in Europe, from the above mentioned Manchester base.

The list of TradeFred’s currently restricted jurisdictions includes the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

TradeFred observe rather strict KYC and AML policies, which may indeed complicate deposit/withdrawal procedures for their clients.

Hasil gambar untuk tradefred reviews

TradeFred’s Products

TradeFred are focused on the trading of Forex and CFDs. They cover a more than decent range of markets, with almost 50 currency pairs included in the Forex section alone.

Forex trading execution is apparently great, and while the site touts very competitive spreads, we have to point out that TradeFred’s spreads are fixed. The maximum possible leverage on Forex pairs is 1:50.

The stocks section boasts “fantastic execution” as well, coupled with great spreads and great market coverage. The maximum leverage on this product category is just 1:10 though.

The Indices section covers markets from 6 continents, and it too offers competitive spreads. The maximum leverage is somewhat lower than normal for this category too: it has been set to 1:25.

Precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum, are always popular with traders. At TradeFred, users will be able to trade such metals with good spreads and a maximum leverage of 1:25.

The Energies section of the TradeFred product offer gives traders the possibility to diversify into physical assets. The trading conditions on the products belonging to this category are rather similar to the above described though. The maximum leverage is 1:25 in this instance, too.

The Agricultural Asset section is a special commodity-category, which covers assets like Cotton, Sugar and Corn. The maximum allowed leverage is 1:25 on this product category as well.

The TradeFred website features a special page describing the trading conditions featured on various assets, but the only information that’s available there, that has not been covered above, concerns the contract sizes and the trading hours, which tend to be the same for most of the assets.

TradeFred Platforms

As every proper and serious brokerage, TradeFred use MT4 as the centerpiece of their platform offer. The most powerful platform offered by TradeFred is the MT4 Desktop trader, which comes with the complete suite of charting solutions and technical analysis tools that MT4 offers.

Charts can be displayed using an impressive selection of time frames, they can be customized and chart templates can be saved, so traders can re-use them later. As far as technical analysis is concerned, some 50 indicators come pre-installed with the platform. Obviously, traders can choose to install still more indicators, that they acquire for free or buy. Users can also create their own indicators.

One of MT4’s strengths resides in its EAs (Expert Advisors) which traders can use for automatic trading.

In addition to all the above, TradeFred’s MT4 allows for the trading of Forex and CFDs on the same screen, it offers expert client support, as well as access to expert market analysis and educational materials.

MT4 can be downloaded directly from the TradeFred website, for free.

Those who do not wish to download and install anything, can opt for the TradeFred Webtrader, which is compatible with most of the major browsers out there, and which delivers the benefits of MT4 to any computer traders gain access to, anywhere in the world.

This platform comes with expert market analysis and reports as well. The Webtrader platform can be launched directly from the TradeFred website.

The Mobile Trader is for those looking to take advantage of the features of MT4, on the go. The Mobile platform apps can be downloaded for free from the Appstore or the Google Playstore. They work with all Android- and iOS-based mobile devices.

Hasil gambar untuk tradefred reviews

Account Types

TradeFred offers a handy Demo account, through which traders can take the platform/system on a risk-free test-spin. The Demo Account comes with $10,000 in virtual funds, as well as a trove of educational material. The account can be used for 14 days, after which it simply expires.

The Basic Account is quite possibly the best option for beginners/first-time traders. The minimum required deposit on this account is just $260 and the maximum leverage is 1:50. The account features a dedicated manager as well as one business-day withdrawals.

The Standard account is also well within the reach of most traders, beginners and advanced. The required minimum deposit is $500, and the maximum leverage is 1:50 on this account as well. The only extra feature the Standard account has over the Basic one is the market analysis it also offers.

The Advanced Account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. The trading conditions are the above detailed ones, but the account features trading signals too, delivered directly to traders’ mobile phones.

With a minimum deposit of $5,000, the Pro Account takes the game out of the reach of rank-and-file traders. Market analysis helps clients who fall into this account category, and the spreads are lower for Pro Account traders.

The Premium Account is at the top of the account ladder: the minimum deposit on this one is $10,000. While the trading conditions are mostly the same as above, this account is essentially a Zero-swap account.

Another option for a Zero-swap account is the special Islamic trading account, only available for those of the Islamic faith. This account is also commission-free and it comes with an Islamic account manager.


TradeFred is a good trading destination, featuring solid trading platforms and a decent product selection. Its regulatory status used to be cause for worry until recently, but these days, a massive step forward has been accomplished in this regard. The operation is now CySEC-regulated, so it can indeed peddle its services to most European clients.

Whether or not TradeFred will move towards MiFID II compliance in the future, remains to be seen. For the time being though, they have whipped their regulatory status into shape. It has to be re-iterated that TradeFred is probably the trading-focused offshoot of the BetFred Group.

Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions.

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Crypto Wealth

Crypto Wealth

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Bitcoin Wealth Review

Many fraudulent trading software are launching almost every day in the name of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency introduced in the financial market and most commonly traded. Since the value of Bitcoin is escalating day by day, people are looking for different ways to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Scammers are taking advantage of this opportunity to steal money from people who are trying to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Wealth App is a cryptocurrency trading software created mainly to scam people. Actually Bitcoin Wealth is a relaunch of Crypto Wealth (another scam crypto curreny trading software). Bitcoin Wealth Software is supposedly help to make $4000 -$7000 on a daily basis completely on autopilot. This figures are just taken from thin air and so definitely cannot be true. So our further investigation reveals Bitcoin Wealth software is nothing but a proven

Max Carney who claims to be creator of bitcoin-wealth.co software is misleading innocent people by giving wrong information. According to him no matter where you are, who you are, Bitcoin Wealth software will make a lot for money for you. Do you believe it? The software doesn’t cost you a penny is absolutely not true. According to him, he is a self made millionaire making a lot of money with cryptocurrencies. So he wants to help normal to people to enjoy the lifestyle that he is having at present. Apparently, this blockchain technology makes it mathematically impossible to lose any trade. There is no trading software can give 100% profit. This is a clear proof of scam software. They relaunched the same scam software named Crypto Wealth. You cannot make any money from this scam software. According to the creator,

“Bitcoin Wealth software is based on Blockchain revolutionary technology and Artificial Intelligence created to provide trading signals of the highest possible quality. The software will automatically direct you to maximize potential profits and minimize temporary loses all in one simplistic interface”.

How does Bitcoin Wealth Software Work?

Once you login to bitcoin-wealth.cc website you are asked to enter your name and email address to get instant free access. Actually the software is not free. In order to use the software, you need to invest a minimum of $250 to the broker whom they are affiliated with. The software will only work if it is connected to the assigned broker. These brokers are another scammers. Unregulated and untrustworthy brokers will eat your money in no time. Since the software give false signals, you can never make any money. You will only lose money.

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If the trades are executed so accurately and with high speed, then everyone will be profiting from this system. Beginners in the trading industry can easily be cheated with their sales talks. The people behind the software are simply stealing the money. If you do not have any experience in trading, you can learn a lot of strategies from the internet. Better not to waste your money on trading software which eventually gives no profit but loses.

Hasil gambar untuk The Bitcoins Wealth review

Floyd Mayweather, is a professional boxer has nothing to do with Bitcoin Wealth software. Simply using famous people’s name to allure people. The fact that they mention the free offer will expire soon itself is an evidence of scam software. Showing people enjoying big cars, luxury life styles are the tactics used by scammers. No one can money without lifting a finger. No auto trader can make you a millionaire overnight. Certain software give some positive results like 70- 80%, and not more than that. Any software claims 100% gain is 100% lie.

Further more, the testimonials given in the bitcoin-wealth.cc website are all fake. They are actors and they are paid to give fake testimonials. If you choose this software, you won’t get any customer service. No contact information is given in site. No phone number or company address is given. Only a fake email address is given. These are all evidence of scam software. What ever money you invest in this software, you will never get back. If you want to make money trading, look for legit software. Read as many reviews as you can, if you think of choosing a software. This will help you to stay away from scams.

Before you choose any auto trader read as many reviews as you can about that particular software. This will help to choose legit software and not the scam ones. There are many regulated and trusted brokers which will give profits on a gradual basis and not to get rich overnight.

Conclusion is Bitcoin Wealth Software is a SCAM and NOT to invest your money in Bitcoin Wealth Software. Instead use our recommended auto trading software where you can make money.


However, if you are looking for a binary or Forex trading platform,

IQ Option is one of the best. They are regulated, trusted and highly recommended. Here is IQ Option review.

How Do You Like To Trade? – Auto Trading or Manual 

Auto Trading: Trades are executed automatically by the trading software based on certain algorithms. You have no control over the trade. Trade entry and exit are all done automatically. Since trades are done mechanically emotions have no role in it. Good auto traders can give 75-80% maximum winning trades.

Manual Trading: Learn the strategies, study fundamental and technical analysis and you choose to place the trades. But you need discipline and patience. Emotion plays a major role. Most important is money management. Only 2 -5% of the capital can invest per trade. It’s a calm and steady process. Wait for the right moment to execute the trade.  It will take time to master the art of trading.