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Mirror Trader

March 2, 2018 • Laela jv

Mirror Trader

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Mirror trader is binary options software allegedly developed by John Harrison. There is an introduction video which starts playing as soon as you open the homepage. He is the main speaker in the Mirror Trader video and the first thing he guarantees you is that you are going to make $14,500 from the Mirror Trader software. It is completely automated so you don’t need to have knowledge on binary options to start trading. The alleged Mirror Trader developer claims that this trading software is designed to help traders win and predict the trends of binary options and works as a code to achieve financial success by showing traders how they can make money online and get huge returns on their investment.


To join Mirror Trader, you need to enter your name and email address in the sign up form. The Mirror Trader website claims that this software is completely free and thus you don’t need any credit cards but you will be surprised when you will be directed to a page where you have to deposit the minimum investment amount with the recommended broker. There is a message on the website that claims, “By simply using the latest OC192 super-fast, cutting edge connection technology, the Mirror Trader software enables you to link up to life changing amounts of money on complete autopilot. This is totally brand new and the lightening quick transfer of data from the international markets to the Mirror Trader software gives normal people like us a distinct advantage and allows us to make a minimum of $14,500 per day, every day.”

It’s very interesting how the people who developed this Mirror Trader website have a way of detecting your country of residence immediately and making you think that it is the only country in the world where the Mirror Trader software is accessible. This is obviously not true since that is the same message everyone gets when they log into the website. The Mirror Trader makes trading sound like a walk in the park and makes people believe that they can become rich overnight. The entire Mirror Trader video is just meant to fill your head with ideas of becoming rich overnight when in the real sense you are not going to gain anything from this scam software. Read on to find out why this Mirror Trader software is not worth your time or money. If you are about to sign up, we hope that you will continue to read this review to the end to find out why Mirror Trader is not recommended for you.

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John Harrison claims to be a self made millionaire. If he is a rich as he claims, we expect that he be readily available in social media sites in case we need him to give us tips but he is nowhere to be found. He has also not given us any links we can use to trace him to his social media accounts to confirm his identity. The woman who claims to be a trader is obviously an actress who knows how to play her role well. She claims to be a new member but if you are keen, you will definitely notice that the account she is using is fake. It could have easily been made up to confuse us because there are no live trading results rather the only thing that changes is the figure of money.


The alleged Mirror Trader developer claims that the Mirror Trader premium license is available for free. This is a scam tactic used by most developers to lure unsuspecting traders into signing up thinking that they are missing out on a golden opportunity when they are just walking into a trap. If you ever come across such developers who seem like they are forcing you to sign up, the best thing to do is assume them and you will be surprised to find that same claims even a year later.
John Harrison claims that you can make more than $300,000 monthly. You can only imagine the amount of money that you will have made in a year. He is practically saying that you can become rich overnight using this automated software. However, we have not heard of any millionaire who became rich via this software. Apart from that, he does not even show us the way the money is made so that we can see for ourselves if indeed it is true. He just presses buttons and then shows the money.


Since this Mirror Tradre developer is a hoax, this software is definitely a hoax too. It is just but a photocopy of other scam sites and no one is advised to try it out because you are just going to lose your money, you will be surprised by the number of people who have fallen for this scam software and lost their hard earned money. You definitely don’t want to be one of them.

Automated systems like Mirror Trader actually make you lazy and kill your urge to learn more about binary options trading such that even if you wanted to diversify to other systems with manual trading, you would feel trapped here. Indeed, you need to be always on the lookout for every opportunity you get to learn new things about binary options trading concepts because that is what will enable you to be able to detect scam sites from a mile away. You should not waste your time signing up here because it clearly has no future. You can listen to what people who have used it have to say so that you can learn from their experiences.


Hasil gambar untuk Mirror Trader review

The Mirror Trader Software is neither profitable nor trustworthy. The information and video provided on the website is not enough to convince us of its profitability. There are many binary options websites on the internet that can make you great profits but for now, Mirror Trader is strictly not recommended. We hope this review has been an eye opener and that you are going to warn other people not to sign up and stand the risk of losing their hard earned money to the real scammers behind the Mirror Trader scam software. Join the winning team

Hasil gambar untuk Mirror Trader review

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